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Substance Abuse Professional Services

Substance abuse at the workplace can have serious consequences, jeopardizing the safety of everyone involved. The role of a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is to assess a worker who has disclosed a substance abuse problem or tested positive on a drug and alcohol test. The SAP can then determine which of the following categories best describes the candidate:

  • No substance abuse
  • Mild substance abuse
  • Moderate substance abuse
  • Severe substance abuse 

The SAP can then provide recommendations according to the severity of the problem. These recommendations are designed to ensure that (1) your workplace stays safe, healthy, and productive, and (2) you understand your legal obligations in every situation.

SureHire’s qualified SAPs can... 

  • Facilitate SAP assessments
  • Interpret SAP recommendations
  • Coordinate treatment and return-to-work testing recommendations
  • Create an unannounced follow-up testing schedule

The employer does not need to be involved in any of the above steps; case managers personally handle of every part of this process. The advice of our SAPs can help you determine whether you have a duty to accommodate your worker according to your circumstances and, if so, what steps you should take toward accommodation. Upon completion of the evaluation, we'll still be available to provide follow-up support and ensure total worker compliance. All follow-up testing results will be tracked in SureLink, the same online database that employers access for test results for an easy, streamlined experience.  

These services help employers adhere to the Canadian Human Rights definition of a disability and reduces the risk of perpetrating worker discrimination with a substance abuse/dependence disorder.

 Call 1-866-944-4473 or contact us online to speak with your account representative regarding the best route for an SAP assessment. Your account rep can put you in touch with an SAP that meets your company needs. 


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