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Reasonable Suspicion Training

SureHire and Cannabis at Work have partnered to develop an online course to help supervisors recognize substance abuse in the workplace before drug and alcohol abuse incurs costs to the employer and becomes a preventable safety incident. The revised version of the Canadian Model now specifically recommends supervisors complete awareness training. 

SureHire’s Drug and Alcohol online training programs are designed to educate employer supervision to recognize and initiate appropriate actions related to workplace drug use and to educate workers as to how drugs and alcohol negatively impact workplace safety.

Why have Reasonable Suspicion Training?

Why should my employers have Reasonable Suspicion Training?

Employers must understand that you cannot test employees randomly without proper documentation and proof. SureHire’s online reasonable suspicion training for both employees and supervisors educates on proper tools and skills to recognize and handle possible substance abuse within the workplace. The Canadian Model recommends supervisors complete this type of awareness training. Substance abusers cost employers approximately $10,000/year due to absenteeism, low productivity, lost time accidents, and increased health and Workers Compensation Board (WCB) costs.

Why should my employees have Reasonable Suspicion Training?

Many employers solely focus their efforts on drug and alcohol testing programs but overlook education for their employees. Many employees are not aware of how drugs and alcohol negatively impact safety, productivity, and culture on a job site.

New course launching December 2017 - stay tuned!

Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training

What can I expect?

  • Online anytime and anywhere course allowing a self-paced study environment
  • Materials that meet requirements for both supervisors and employees
  • Printable documents and course handouts
  • Final exam
  • A certification of completion for every individual

Course Contents

  • An introduction to the topic
  • Employer and employee obligations
  • The characteristics of the modern workforce and how this impacts substance use trends
  • Facts on medical and recreational cannabis use in Canada
  • Tips for reviewing, updating and implementing your Drug & Alcohol policy
  • Tips on when to use drug testing and why
  • How to document reasonable suspicion and trigger testing
  • Post-Incident testing tips and timelines
  • Tips on accommodating prescription drug use

Launching December 2017!

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