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Medical Surveillance

The Health Monitoring Program is a process involving a range of strategies and methods to systematically assess the early signs of adverse effects on the health of workers exposed to certain health hazards. Some forms of health monitoring is regulated throughout many jurisdictions across Canada and the United States.

Health Monitoring can:

  • Protect the health of employees
  • Allow detection of any adverse health effects at an early stage
  • Assist in the evaluation of control measures

Health Monitoring should be conducted when:

  • There is an identifiable disease or other identifiable adverse health outcome
  • The disease or health effect may be related to exposure
  • There is a likelihood that the disease or health effect may occur
  • There are valid techniques for detecting indications of the disease or health effects

Health Monitoring Programs

Both the Comprehensive and Basic Lung Health Medical Monitoring Programs comply with legislation.

  • Asbestos
  • Silica

- Comprehensive Lung Health Medical Monitoring Program Basic Lung Health Medical Monitoring
Lung Health Questionnaire X X
Fit to Wear Respirator Questionnaire X
Spirometry Screen X X
Chest X-Ray X X
Quantitative Mask Fit X None
Pulmonary Specialist Review X X
Employee Results Letter X X
Pulmonary Specialist Assessment If Required If Required
Employer Statistical Report X X

For the SureHire Silica and Asbestos Monitoring we work with physicians at a local Clinic to review the questionnaire, the Spirometry and Chest X-Ray results. Once the results have been reviewed, the physician will send the employee a letter stating the results and their recommendations.

It is in the Alberta OH&S Code that the questionnaire and the results be reviewed by a physician and that the employee be sent a letter with any recommendations and results of their tests.
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