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Level 1-5 Recommendation to Hire

SureHire’s Level 1-5 Assessment Scale Recommendations provide a clear path for those in charge of hiring decisions, making it simpler to determine whether or not the employee is fit for the job. We will help to match your candidate’s abilities to the physical job demands of the position applied for with any potential restriction(s) and/or modification(s) required for successful employment.

SureHire's Fitness-to-Work professionals will provide expert recommendations based on the specific job requirements, supported by evidence-based medical research. Fitness-to-Work reviewers issue a recommendation to hire via SureLink and are available for live calls to assist with results interpretation.

These recommendations are included in SureHire's Fitness-to-Work Evaluations. More information on the variety of programs available can be found here.

Understanding the Results

SureHire's Level 1-5 Fitness-to-Work Assessment Scale will determine which of the following levels of eligibility applies to your candidate:

  • Level 1: Successful Completion
  • Level 2: Restriction and/or Modification Recommended
  • Level 3: Limited Level of Work – Safety sensitive site access
  • Level 4: Limited Level of Work – Non safety sensitive site access
  • Level 5: Stoppage

Upon completion of Fitness-to-Work testing, these results will be sent to SureHire Corporate Office to be further analyzed by a team of qualified Fitness-to-Work Reviewers. Their conclusive recommendation will paint a clear picture for a path forward and determine whether the candidate is suitable for the job and what modifications/restrictions, if any, should be put into place.

Certified Technicians

The SureHire Fitness-to-Work team is comprised of health practitioners whose designations include physical therapists, chiropractors, certified athletic therapists, and physicians. These medical professionals have extensive knowledge regarding the physical demands of the job, medical and musculoskeletal conditions and strength and mobility limitations.

SureHire assists organizations in improving workplace safety and reducing lost-time incidents by helping employers to effectively place the right person in the right job.

Some advantages of implementing SureHire's Level 1-5 Fitness-to-Work Assessment Scale include:

  • The ability to maintain an expanded hiring pool, as employers are empowered to hire and effectively accommodate and/or restrict workers based on their medical, musculoskeletal, or critical strength and mobility status;
  • Better placement of workers in positions which match their medical, musculoskeletal, and critical strength and mobility status; and
  • A safer work place through a physically qualified work force.

Legal Implications

As an employer, it is your responsibility to inform workers of the potential dangers they may be exposed to on the job site and protect their overall well-being. Fitness-to-Work assessments are intended to give employers the peace of mind of knowing workers are physically capable of completing the requirements of their positions, thus reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

However, if the results of Fitness-to-Work assessments are unclear, it may be difficult for an employer to determine on their own whether or not an employee should be hired and what restrictions/modifications may be required. Our expert recommendations, prepared by certified medical professionals, will remove any ambiguities and provide the clarity you need to make an informed decision.


SureHire representatives are available by phone or online to connect you with our team of Fitness-to-Work specialists.

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