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Hair Follicle Testing

Hair follicle testing is the most commonly used method for detecting the presence of drug abuse over a wide range of time, it is highly reliable and accurate. Hair testing has been proven as acceptable evidence in court systems around the world; and because the inner shaft is what is analysed, it cannot be adulterated by hair dye bleach or other products.

Although hair follicle testing cannot identify current impairment, it is effective in identifying historical drug use. It takes approximately 5-10 days from the time of initial drug use for the hair containing the drug to grow above the scalp. At this point, the hair can be collected. SureHire sends all hair collections to Psychemedics, the only hair testing laboratory that is approved by the Standards Council of Canada.

Drugs Tested

Analyte Initial Cut-Off Level Confirmation Cut-Off Level Confirmation Includes
Cocaine 5 ng/ 10mg 0.5 ng/ 10 mg Cocaine, Benzoylecgonine, Cocaethylene, Norcocaine
Marijuana 5 pg/ 10mg 0.5 pg/ 10 mg THCA
Opiates 2 ng/ 10 mg 2 ng/ 10mg Morphine, 6-MAM, Codeine, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone
PCP 3 ng/ 10 mg 3 ng/ 10 mg Phencyclidine
Amphetamines 5 ng/ 10 mg 5 ng/ 10 mg Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDMA, MDA, MDEA

Detection Timeframes

SureHire offers the standard 5 Panel Hair Screen in the following timeframes:

  • 30 Day
  • 60 Day
  • 90 Day
  • 180 Days or 6 Months
  • 365 Days or 12 Months

All the listed timeframes can be divided into 30-day segments to offer a multi-section analysis (if required). A multi section analysis allows for segmented testing.  i.e. 0-30 days, 30-60 days 60-90 days etc.

Lab Analysis 

The method used for the detection of drug use in the hair is, immunoassay and GC/MS/MS or LC/MS/MS confirmation which measures the drug molecules and metabolites entrapped in the hair that formed, following ingestion.

The lab results will be reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) who is a licensed physician responsible for evaluating drug testing. If a result is positive, the MRO will contact the candidate to determine whether the result was based on valid prescription use or not.

Certified Collectors 

 All of our testers go through extensive SureHire training to ensure collection is done with complete accuracy.


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