The Importance of Reasonable Suspicion Testing

The Importance of Reasonable Suspicion Testing | Surehire Canada

In June 2014, one of SureHire’s strategic clients completed on-site reasonable suspicion tests for 75 of their employees. The results came back with a 44% positivity rate for THC.

Urine Lab Based – 5 panel Total # Total %
Negative 42 56%
Positive 11 14.67%
Refusal* 22 29.33%
Total 75

*Positivity rates include 20 employees who did not return from lunch

What impact does having a substance abusing employee have on your bottom line?

  • Increase chance of mistakes and delays in the production line
  • Higher absenteeism rate
  • Higher presenteesim costs
  • Increase likelihood of theft and vandalism to equipment