Common Workplace Eye Injuries and How to Prevent and Address Them

Workplace eye injuries are one of the most common with over 20,000 cases reported annually. The best part is that most of these injuries can be prevented by using the right eye safety gear and assessing your work environment. As an employer, it’s critical to provide the right safety training and incorporate different safety elements to keep your employees safe.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Pre-employment Tests for your company

Pre-employment tests are now used by employers to screen and assess applicants; they are also known as assessments as they give you a better perspective of your applicants, making the recruiting process easier. As an employer, you can increase your chances of hiring qualified candidates through the use of pre-employment tests. If administered correctly, these assessments can help your company cut down hiring costs, not to forget, save hours spent interviewing.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health is a big issue for businesses. Unfortunately, most businesses are not doing enough to discuss this issue and create the right environment for employees. Mental health issues have a huge impact on employee well-being and are a leading cause of long-term absence from work.

9 Tips for Reducing Noise Exposure for Your Workers

Harmful noise levels in the workplace lead to decreased productivity, stress, and importantly, hearing loss of those affected. It is important for employers to be knowledge about your employees working conditions to ensure that working conditions are safe.

Tips for Staying Safe at Work in the Summer

Summer is fast approaching and for thousands of employees throughout the country who work outdoors face the potential dangers related to overexposure to heat.

Young workers at greater risk for injuries at the workplace: What you need to know

What you need to know about keeping our youth safe on the worksite.

Get to Know "The Big Three" Core Exercises for a Healthy Spine

Most Canadians have experienced lower back pain or dysfunction at some stage in their lives. This nagging pain may have kept them from the activities they enjoy and affected their quality of life.

Four Things to Know Ahead of Cannabis Legalization

Although legalization of cannabis in Canada is expected to go ahead this spring, employer education remains a missing but necessary part of the legalization equation.

3 Reasons We Need More Women in Skilled Trades

International Women’s Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women while making strides toward equality. This IWD, we acknowledge that gender equality in the workplace is still not a reality.

Safety and the Aging Workforce

Our working population is getting older. Since 2001, the proportion of workers over the age of 55 has spiked, and seems to still be on the rise.

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