How fitness testing is beneficial to your workforce

Many employers these days have to be cautious when hiring workers, and make sure any potential candidates are fit to safely complete their tasks. How do you decrease the risk of injury at a jobsite before someone is hired? There are many pre-hire steps that you can take, such as drug testing, alcohol testing, background checks, but to ensure your candidate is capable of completing the job it is recommended that a fitness to work assessment is completed. With the importance around safety, employers need to feel confident that their workers are prepared and capable to safely complete their duties.

The affect of Fentanyl on your workforce

Many people these days have heard the word Fentanyl more recently than before. Recent statistics show that more than four people on average every day have Fentanyl related deaths in B.C.and Alberta alone. With this number increasing in provinces all across Canada, it is little wonder that the drug has made national headlines across the nation.

Meet the SureHire Team: Sarah Tattrie

At SureHire, we’re people services, business analysts, testers, lifters, result analysts, and more - but we are also real people, who do real things outside the walls of SureHire. In our Meet the Team series, you will meet some of the most hardworking talented individuals, and learn what they do (on and off the clock), and how they keep their job interesting and fun… everyday!

Canadian Oil Sands Contribute to Canada’s High Profitability in the Oil Sector

For anyone seeking work in the Canadian oil industry, the prospects look the most promising in the oil sands sector. In fact, projections for new oil sands production show a figure of almost one-half million barrels of oil being added from 2017 to 2018. The worldwide attention garnered for oil sands production first was directed toward oil projects under construction. Crude oil production was recorded at 3.7 million barrels per day in 2014, and climbed to 3.9 million barrels per day in 2016. Plus, advances in technology have enabled Alberta to more easily extract oil from the area's oil sands production that far surpasses traditional methods.

Exxon/Imperial Oil – How Randomized Drug and Alcohol Tests Have Impacted the Oil Sector

The Valdez spill has caused Canadian oil company, Imperial Oil, to set up a random drug and alcohol testing program. The decision did not keep oil companies and employers from requiring random drug and alcohol testing in their personnel policies. While unions cited that random drug and alcohol testing infringed on the privacy of employees and were managerially unreasonable, employers said these types of policies were necessary.

How To Attract More Traffic To Your Industry Job Posting

What can you do to "Craft"- and that is a key word - a job that will attract the best applicants? JobMake Your Job Search-friendly The first thing you want to keep in mind is that you want to make your job "Search-friendly." A "Search-friendly" posting is also applicant-friendly. You want to leverage the details of the job by making the posting succinct and brief. While you do not want to pitch a job that can be likened, in length, to a long-drawn out novel, you also do not want to make the post longer than 400 to 600 words long. End the post with a call to action - indicating why this job is the job to choose. One of the ways to glam up your industry job posting is to get rid of any tired or worn-out language - language such as "The qualified job candidate should be able to demonstrate ...." Instead, try to liven up the phrase - like in the following: "Seeking a critical thinker and industry-devoted project manager ...." Visualize Your Post You either want to craft your post so it is

Why Good Research Skills Are Needed For Hiring

Hiring new employees can be tricky. You want to find the right candidate with the necessary qualifications and integrity to do the job. However, it’s become difficult to accept clients at face value. It has now become essential to delve into the background of applicants to get a clear idea of their employment performance and abilities.

BNN Interview-Cannabis in the Workplace

The Cannabis Act can leave both the employers and employees confused. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that until provincial and federal legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana is signed into law, the current restrictions remain unchanged. Preparation is vital to help avoid distractions. Reviewing and amending any procedures and policies would be a great idea for employers.

Suncor and Toronto Transit Random Testing

Employers everywhere are looking to alcohol and drug testing to tackle workplace safety risks. However, unions and employees have continued to challenge these tests on the basis of privacy concerns.

Canada Takes the Lead on Methane Gas Pollution

Methane is a popular, odorless component of natural gas used to run industrial factories and heat homes. Tackling the methane problem is important because this gas is emitted together with other poisonous gases like Benzene, which is carcinogenic. Canadians need to be protected from the release of this harmful gases from oil and gas industries.

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