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On-Site Occupational Testing

On-Site Occupational Testing

SureHire’s on-site services are customized to fit your busy schedule. Regardless of how remote the location is, our on-site service abilities allow us to come to you, without having to pull your workers away from the front line and disrupt productivity.

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As leaders in occupational testing, we would like to introduce you to the next generation of mobile testing units. Fondly known as Bessie, this state-of-the-art mobile testing unit is unique to SureHire and has the ability to provide a wide range of occupational tests. Bessie is available exclusively to SureHire clients.

Occupational Testing Available:

  • Audiometric Screen
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Respirator Fitting
  • Breath Alcohol
  • Oral Fluid Drug
  • Hair Drug Collections
  • Spirometry
  • Health Assessments
  • Chest X-Rays

Mobile Testing Benefits

  • Workers stay on the jobsite, which increases productivity.
  • Mobile units can test four workers every 20 minutes (an average of 80-100 people in an 8-hour shift.
  • Mobile units can test workers in remote areas.
  • SureHire’s state-of-the-art equipment guarantees that audio testing in noisy areas meets OHS standards.
  • SureHire’s mobile units offer multiple testing services, including audiometry, spirometry, mask fitting, and oral fluid drug testing.

Our mobile unit demonstrates SureHire’s focus on developing forward-thinking solutions that help create safe, healthy, and productive workforces.


  • Hydraulic stabilizers to ensure a level testing environment
  • Equipped with a shore line to tap into electrical supply when available and a generator when outside electrical supply is not an option
  • A dividing door allowing the unit to be partitioned to accommodate multiple test types at one time
  • 6 Audiometric Booths – can test up to 6 workers every 15 minutes
  • Fully-stocked with necessary safety equipment such as first aid kit, fire extinguisher, pylons
  • Clean, modern, cutting edge, and comfortable interior
  • The entire unit is temperature controlled

Testimonials & Case Studies

This industrial construction company implemented pre-hire Fitness-to-Work testing with SureHire in April 2012. From April 2012 to December 2015, *4322* candidates were tested.

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