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Physical Demands Analysis

Physical Demands Analysis

The physical demands analysis involves examining the individual tasks of a specific job type and the physical demands each of those tasks requires. Job tasks are analyzed by duration, amount and types of forces, weights, postures, environmental hazards, work aids, and equipment used.

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Prior to implementing Fitness-to-Work testing, a physical demands analysis is completed to determine the physical requirements of each specific job position.

The information gathered in the analysis is then used to determine the protocol used and the maximum weights lifted during the Fitness-to-Work testing.

Why does an employer need a physical demands analysis?

A physical demands analysis is required for an employer to determine whether a potential worker has the medical ability, critical strength, and mobility to safely work in a specific job. It provides the information to compare the abilities of a candidate with what is required to safely perform the tasks of the job.

This is useful when:

  • An employer wants to implement a pre-employment Fitness-to-Work testing program, as they’ll need to determine what the physical demands are of the positions they’re hiring for.
  • A worker becomes injured post-hire and needs to be rehabilitated through WCB, assigned to modified duties, and returned to work in an alternative position that will not cause overexertion of their injury.

How does SureHire conduct a physical demands analysis?

STEP 1 – Determine Job Function:

  • The SureHire medical professional and employer representative meet to discuss the existing information of the job title and job description.
  • In most cases, there is already a job description that can be reviewed.

STEP 2 – Verification of Job Function:

  • SureHire verifies that the duties and tasks outlined in the job description match what is actually performed in the job position.

STEP 3 – Identify Job Function:

  • SureHire will determine what functions of the job are essential and non-essential.
  • As objectively as possible, the various tasks, sub-tasks, and functional components of the job are determined and measured with standardized testing equipment. The duration of these tasks are then quantified.

STEP 4 – Quantify Physical Demands of Each Job Function:

  • SureHire objectively quantifies the physical and environmental requirements for each task using a variety of measurement tools.
  • For each essential and nonessential function of the job, the investigators determine if any of the physical elements are required to perform the task. If physical demands are required to perform a task, the intensity, frequency, and duration are recorded.

Testimonials & Case Studies

This industrial construction company implemented pre-hire Fitness-to-Work testing with SureHire in April 2012. From April 2012 to December 2015, *4322* candidates were tested.

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