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Fitness to Work Testing Services

Fitness to Work Testing Services

SureHire’s Fitness-to-Work testing services provide employers with a candidate’s medical, musculoskeletal, critical strength, and mobility status to safely place or accommodate them within the workforce.

  • Physical Demands Analysis

    A physical demands analysis involves evaluating the individual tasks of a specific job position, as well as the physical requirements required to perform those specific tasks. Job tasks are analyzed by considering task frequency, postures required to complete the task, weights of equipment, materials, tools used, forces used, and environmental hazards.

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  • Fitness-to-Work Evaluation

    Fitness-to-Work testing involves a series of medical and musculoskeletal assessments and critical strength and mobility stations. Fitness-to-Work testing matches the candidate’s abilities to the job being applied for and provides employers with the necessary information to safely place candidates in the workforce.

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  • Fitness to Work Medical Review

    Upon completion of Fitness-to-Work testing, results are sent to SureHire Corporate office and are analyzed by a team of Fitness-to-Work Reviewers. The SureHire Fitness-to-Work team is comprised of health practitioners whose designations include physical therapists, chiropractors, certified athletic therapists, and physicians.

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  • Level 1-5 Recommendation to Hire

    SureHire’s Level 1-5 assessment scale is used as a hiring recommendation which matches the candidate’s abilities to the physical job demands of the position applied for. Each level provides employers with potential restriction(s) and/or modification(s) required for successful employment.

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