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SureHire has revolutionized the occupational testing industry by offering a host of programs and services that promote safe, healthy and productive workforces. Drug & Alcohol, Fitness-to-Work, Lung Health, Audiometric and other Specialized Services are programs offered to help employers and workers create a positive work environment.


  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

    At SureHire we perform a full spectrum of drug and alcohol testing in Canada and the United States. Occupational, private, and social services are some of the sectors that require drug and alcohol screening.

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  • Fitness to Work Testing Services

    SureHire’s Fitness-to-Work testing services provide employers with a candidate’s medical, musculoskeletal, critical strength, and mobility status to safely place or accommodate them within the workforce.

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  • Audiometric Testing Services

    SureHire’s audiometric testing services helps employers and industry associations comply with Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) legislation by ensuring that audiometric tests are valid. We use standardized equipment and protocols across the country, and reviews are completed by certified technicians.

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  • Lung Health Testing Services

    Our program includes baseline and annual testing to determine pre-existing conditions and ensure a worker’s lung health is monitored and protected on an ongoing basis.

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  • WCB Claims & Disability Management

    SureHire's objective is to take a proactive approach to assisting the injured worker throughout the full duration of the post-incident and their recovery. Because each workplace and worker is unique, Return-to-Work programs must be tailored to meet the customized needs of the organization.

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  • Specialized Occupational Testing Services

    Having accurate data on a candidate’s background allows employers to make informed hiring decisions based on a complete picture of an individual. Safety Attitude Questionnaires help employers assess the safety tendencies of their workforce.

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  • On-Site Occupational Testing

    SureHire’s on-site services are customized to fit your busy schedule. Regardless of how remote the location is, our on-site service abilities allow us to come to you, without having to pull your workers away from the front line and disrupt productivity.

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