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24 Hour Testing

24 Hour Testing

24 Hour Testing

Call: 1 (866) 944-4473

Did you know that substance abuse contributes to 35% of all workplace injuries and fatalities? In 2015, SureHire positivity rates for post-incident and reasonable cause testing was 27.64% combined. SureHire offers national after-hours emergency drug and alcohol testing for SureHire clients in urgent post-incident, reasonable cause, pre-access and pre-employment situations.

After-Hour Testing is Available:

  • Monday to Thursday 5:00 pm to 8:00 am MST
  • Friday 5:00 pm to Monday 8:00 am MST
    Please note that all after-hour calls will be recorded for quality assurance

Why do Emergency Drug and Alcohol Testing?

In 2006 a study found that illicit drug use in the workforce involved approximately 14.1 percent of employed adults and that 3.1 per cent of adults used illicit drugs in the workplace specifically, with some workplaces reporting up to 28 per cent of employees involved in illicit drug use (Frone, 2006). Test results can be used by management to determine if drugs and/or alcohol were a contributing factor to the cause of preventable incidents if performed within an acceptable time range of the incident. Research estimates that the cost of harm done by alcohol to others is equivalent to the cost of harm done by alcohol to the individual consuming it, highlighting the need for workplace policies to protect both the consumer and innocent bystanders (Laslett et al., 2010).

Ideal Testing Range:

To ensure accurate test results, the recommended time frames to complete post incident drug and alcohol testing are as follows:

  • Drug testing should be completed within 32 hours of the incident
  • Alcohol testing should be completed within 8 hours of the incident

Verbal Results

To ensure confidentiality, SureHire offers a verbal password system. This system allows after-hours test results to be provided immediately after testing to a company representative of choice. Online results will be accessible on the next business day through our SureLink database.

Why choose SureHire?

  • Live voice answer system; no automated machines
  • Verbal results can be provided instantly when company specified
  • Standardized testing and pricing
  • National Network available across Canada

Do NOT call the 24 Hour Emergency Phone Number…

  • To determine the status of a completed business hour test
  • To check when an upcoming regular business hour appointment is scheduled
  • To get directions to a testing facility for a regular business hour appointment
  • To inquire about occupational testing procedures, policies, cutoff levels, etc.
  • With questions on how to cheat a drug test and/or where to purchase adulteration kits
  • To ask questions in regards to court ordered testing or to book a court ordered appointment.

For any questions pertaining to the above mentioned reasons, please contact SureHire at 1-866-944-4473 Monday to Friday 5:00am – 6:00pm MST to speak with a SureHire representative.

Below are the positivity rates for all Post-Accident Tests and Reasonable Suspicion Tests completed in 2012, 2013 and 2014. These numbers are significantly higher than Pre-Access or Pre-Employment which confirms the importance of 24 Hour Drug and Alcohol Testing.

Non-Negative Drug Rate SureHire 2012 Canadian Model 2012 SureHire 2013 Canadian Model 2013 SureHire 2014 Canadian Model 2014
Post Incident 11.00% 5.70% 9.21% 5.30% 10.63% n/a
Pre-Access 1.59% 2.90% 2.95% 2.60% 3.91% n/a
Pre-Employment 5.81% 2.60% 5.10% 3.10% 6.30% n/a
Random 10.70% n/a 15.91% n/a 17.86% n/a
Reasonable Suspicion 15.58% 34.10% 30.87% 27.10% 27.61% n/a
Return to Duty 4.22% n/a 8.28% n/a 8.84% n/a
Total Non-Negative Rate as a % 4.68% 4.10% 4.28% 3.90% 4.64% n/a
Alcohol Positivity Rate 2012 2013 2014 2015
Post Incident 1.00% 0.44% 1.60% 1.15%
Pre-Access 0.11% 0.11% 0.23% 0.15%
Pre-Employment 0.17% 0.17% 0.31% 0.12%
Random 0.63% 0.63% 0.36% 0.27%
Reasonable Suspicion 7.25% 7.25% 7.74% 8.00%
Total Positive Rate as a % 0.22% 0.26% 0.36% 0.24%

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