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Critical Strength & Mobility Testing

Critical Strength & Mobility Testing

Critical strength and mobility testing is another step in SureHire’s comprehensive Fitness-to-Work pre-employment screening program. These tests put candidates through a series of lifts and movements based on the physical demands assessment of the job they are applying for.

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Sit-ups, push-ups, and lifting an empty box are not performed on job sites, so these are not a part of any SureHire pre-employment screening protocols.

Instead, applicants are required to perform 30-45 minutes of job-specific lifting to confirm that the candidate possesses the necessary strength and conditioning to safely work at the job they are applying for. Each candidate’s performance is objectively evaluated through the measurement of heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, and standardized time limits.

All lifting is closely monitored by our medical staff to ensure that proper lifting technique is demonstrated. Testing is immediately ceased if a candidate is at risk of injury.

Based on the information gathered from these assessments, SureHire is able to make an informed recommendation to hire.

Critical Strength & Mobility Testing: What to Expect:

  • The critical strength and mobility component is completed to ensure at the time of testing, you have the necessary strength, conditioning and mobility to safely work at the job you are applying for.
  • The duration of the critical strength and mobility testing is approximately 30 minutes. During that time you will be required to:
    • Complete a standardized stepping test (based on age & gender)
    • Demonstrate proper lifting technique
    • Carry weights ranging from 15-100lbs (depending upon job position) in a variety of different ways (single hand carry, overhead lift, front carry . . .) over different distances and with various sets/reps
    • Perform positional tests (crouch, squat, kneel . . .)
    • Perform a sustained trunk flexion test
  • You will not be required to perform sit-up and push-up tests. Testing is based on the lifts and carries found on the job site with the actual weights used at a specific job position.
  • Individuals being tested will be required to wear a heart rate monitor, complete stations within a specific time limit and will be provided with water & towels.
  • Individuals who do not successfully complete the critical strength and mobility lifting component will be given a recommendation how to improve their strength, conditioning, lifting techniques and coordination.

Testimonials & Case Studies

This industrial construction company implemented pre-hire Fitness-to-Work testing with SureHire in April 2012. From April 2012 to December 2015, *4322* candidates were tested.

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