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WMSDs: Prevention Tips for Employers and Employees

July 26, 2016 in Blog

You may already know that strenuous or repetitive activities at work can lead to injuries and disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. These types of injuries are called workplace-related musculoskeletal disorders, or WMSDs, and can cover a range of conditions characterized by pain, swelling, or tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, or nerves (Turner, n.d.). The good news is that the risk of WMSDs can be greatly mitigated with the implementation of a few simple preventative measures.

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Avoiding Heat-Related Illness at Work

July 22, 2016 in Blog

As we enter into the hottest, driest part of the summer, it’s especially important for outdoor workers to observe safe practices when it comes to working in the heat. If you work outdoors during the summer months, you are at a considerably higher risk of heat-related illness than most members of the general public.

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If the Mask Fits: Guidelines for RPD Fit-Testing

July 13, 2016 in Articles and Blog

If you have experience wearing an RPD (respiratory protection device) on the job, you probably already know the importance of protection against compromised air quality. RPDs protect the wearer by filtering out contaminants in the air, such as dust, coal, fumes, and gases. They can also supply oxygen to the wearer in environments where the air may be thin, such as in a confined space. Mask fit-testing is an essential step to protecting workers in dangerous, low air quality environments.

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Responding to Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

July 05, 2016 in Articles, Blog, and SureHire News

Around 40,000 Canadians in the workforce use medical marijuana. And, with the legalization of recreational marijuana expected to occur in spring of 2017, this number is expected to increase. As you take steps to protect your workplace against accidents and unsafe situations, it is also important to protect yourself from legal difficulties down the road so you can successfully navigate human rights concerns and avoid wrongful dismissal suits. Here are a few tips on how to walk that narrow line between safety and human rights correctly.

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Cardiovascular Disease: Are You at Risk?

June 30, 2016 in

Cardiovascular disease kills one Canadian every seven minutes. Learn about the risk factors associated with CVD and how you can help reduce your risk.

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Alcohol Use and Abuse in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers

June 28, 2016 in

Alcohol is one of the most widely used drugs in Canada.As you probably know, alcoholism can have a devastating effect on an individual’s physical and emotional wellbeing. It can also lead to high-risk situations in the workplace. Drinking in inappropriate situations, like while at work, is a tell-tale sign of alcoholism…

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Opioid Medications: A Growing Concern in the Workplace

June 07, 2016 in

Since 2010, the total number of opioid prescriptions dispensed has risen from 17.5 million to 21.7 million annually. Opioid-related fatalities exceeded motor vehicle accident-related fatalities in 2010. Here’s how you can protect yourself and your workplace from accidents and fatalities due to opioid use.

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The Industrial Athlete: How to Start Your Day Off Like a Pro

June 02, 2016 in Articles and Terms and Definitions

Athletes know the benefits of initiating a training session with a dynamic warmup. Have you every wondered why these athletes are back on the playing field so quickly after an injury, while someone from work may be on disability leave for weeks or even months with a similar injury?
The answer is simple: most people are not treating their bodies the same way that an athlete would.

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New Developments in Suncor’s Push for Random Drug Testing

May 30, 2016 in Articles, Blog, and SureHire News

In 2014, Suncor’s proposal to incorporate a random drug testing policy was quashed when an arbitration panel found that the program would constitute an unreasonable violation of worker privacy. However, a Court of the Queen’s Bench judge overturned this decision after reviewing the evidence, and plans are in the works to review Suncor’s drug testing plan in the coming months.

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Mental Illness in the Workplace; How employers can be proactive for a healthier, safer and more productive work environment

April 13, 2016 in

Mental illness has quickly become the leading cause of disability claims in Canada and now, more than ever Canadian companies are realizing the significant link between stress, mental health, work claims and absence. According to experts at Health Canada, mental illnesses are characterized by alterations in thinking, mood or behaviour and can be associated with significant distress and impaired functioning.

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