Hiring: It’s a Risky Business

Business is all about taking risks. It’s an investment of time, money and reputations, with the hopes of some kind of return.  When going through the process of hiring potential candidates, every business is putting themselves at risk in more ways than one.  First, if the person provided untrue information on their resume, you may be hiring an individual that is completely unqualified for the job. As a result, they will be unable to fulfill the requirements for that role, costing the business time and money in training. Even worse, the person could have a history of drug or alcohol abuse that could pose a threat to your business and other employees. Pre-Employment testing can detect these individuals and reduce the number of potential candidates you have to choose from.

With pre-employment screening, a business can make the best decision with all of the necessary information available. By testing before hiring, a business can be proactive in minimizing their turnover rate and decreasing their WCB claims. When making a hiring decision, the past can only offer a potential idea of what the future holds. For example, a business will know the medical/physical history of a candidate if the position applied for involves physical exertion.

In the end, pre-employment testing for businesses is not a game. The final decision that is made affects real lives and real money. With so much at stake the best solution is to obtain as much information as possible before bringing the person on staff.  SureHire’s pre-employment screening and occupational testing services is highly effective at weeding out potential risks.  SureHire will work hard to provide you with the necessary information and results your company wants.  Minimize hiring risks by customizing a pre-employment screening test to ensure that your business is choosing the right applicants.

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