Yet Another Celebrity Death Due to Prescription Drug Overdose: Corey Haim Dies at 38.

Corey Haim

Corey Haim

80’s child star Corey Haim was pronounced dead in his mother’s California apartment on March 10th after a long struggle with substance abuse.

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It continues to concern me that celebrity after celebrity (Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Britney Murphy, DJ AM, Michael Jackson, Corey Haim, etc.) have been dying prematurely due to PRESCRIPTION drug abuse.

Just because a doctor prescribes a drug to you, it does not mean that it is 100% safe. Many prescription drugs have adverse side effects, many of them are addictive and when taken more than the prescribed dosage or combining them with other prescriptions, many of them can be fatal. Prescription drugs, while used for medical purposes can be helpful, but prescriptions continue to move out of the realm of medicine and into the realm of addiction and even street drugs. Currently, some prescription medications (oxycontin for example) are being sold for $20.00 per pill on the street.

Prescription drug abuse is big business. Police, during the investigation of the death of Corey Haim discovered that several of Corey’s prescriptions were tied to an illegal prescription drug ring. A quote from People Magazine states that “The ring orders prescription pads from vendors using stolen doctor identities, the AG’s office said in a statement Friday. The pads are then either sold on the street to addicts or to people who are paid to fill the prescription and then sell the drugs on the underground market.” See the
full article below:,,20351491,00.html

It appears that the latest celebrity craze of rehab (made even more popular by shows such as Celebrity Rehab and Intervention) is on the rise. My hope is that, like most

celebrity trends, the general public will begin to realize that drugs can destroy lives and that seeking treatment is a positive step.  People are quick to point fingers when someone dies from overdose, labelling them a bad or weak person, but the truth is that most of these people have battled for years on end against an addiction that has taken over their entire life. It is not as easy as saying “Just stop taking pills.” Prescription pills are widely available, publicly accepted, affordable and can be highly addictive. The affect that they can have on the lives of those addicted is profound and tragic.

After this recent string of celebrity deaths, I hope that Hollywood makes the first step to acknowledge that prescription drug abuse is a serious problem rather than vilifying those who struggle with addiction. If Hollywood takes the first step, it may trickle down to the general public admitting that there is a serious prescription drug problem in North America.

Qualifier: I will note that toxicology reports have not yet been released in the death of Corey Haim and the rumors of prescription overdose are conjecture at this point.

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